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Club Constitution 2017/2018


1.      Name

The name of the club will be The Winchester City Royals Basketball Club. We will be competing as part of the Solent Area Basketball Association, Wessex Area Basketball Association, National Founders Cup and various junior level competitions.

2.     Aims & Objectives

a.     To offer opportunities for training/competing in basketball to all members of the Winchester Community.

b.     To offer opportunity to develop coaching, officiating and training qualifications in basketball.

c.     To increase participation for Junior Basketball in and around the Winchester region.

d.     To set up a basketball academy with progression from Primary School right up to U18 - feeding in to the Winchester senior teams.

e.     To organise and promote competitions and events in local community in association with Winchester City Council and other local groups.

f.     To carry out all associated services with respect shown to all members, who will be treated equally and fairly.

3.     Membership

a.     Members will consist of officers of Club Council, players and registered club followers who, once registered to the club, will adhere to constitution and rules.

b.     All players will be registered with England Basketball, and will only be able to compete for one club in each league entered.


4.     Officers

·          Chairman                                            – vacant

·          Treasurer – Junior                              – Chris Payne

·          Secretary                                          – vacant

·          Development Officer                          – vacant

·          Club Welfare Officer                                     – vacant

·          Publicity Officer                                 – vacant

·          Fixture & Registration Secretary         - vacant

·          Head Coach                                        – Richard Styants

·          U16 Boys NL Coach                             – Sam Chadwick

·          U16 Boys NL Team Manager                 – Sarah Burns

·          U16 Boys CVL Coach                            - vacant

·          U16 Girls NL Coach                             – Laura Kelkin

·          U16 Girls NL Team Manager                 – Chris Payne

·          U16 Girls CVL Coach                            - vacant

·          U14 Boys NL Coach                             – Pascal Matthias

·          U14 Boys NL Team Manager                 – Sarah McDowall

·          U14 Boys CVL Coach                            – vacant

·          U12 Boys CVL Coach                            – Eddie Owusu

·          U12 Boys CVL Coach                            – Freya Herivel

·          U11 Boys CVL Coach                            – Eddie Owusu

·          U11 Girls CVL Coach                            – Freya Herivel

·          U10 Boys CVL Coach                            – Eddie Owusu

·          U10 Girls CVL Coach                            – Freya Herivel

5.   Membership Fees

a.     Initial membership will vary depending on the team played for. The fee will cover all league and player registration fees. This is due annually, at the beginning of September.

b.     Each player will pay a monthly direct debit fee (through GoCardless), which will cover the cost of venue hire, for both training and matches, plus game fees including referees and table officials.

c.     Kit costs will be levied against players when the player requires team kit.

d.     The final fees are to be discussed and agreed by the clubs officers before the start of the season.

6.   Club Committee

a.     The club will be managed by the Club Council, which will consist of Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Coaches.

b.     Where possible, decisions will be put to the members for their vote, however the Club Council reserve the right to make final decision on all team matters, with due consideration to the opinions of it’s members.

c.     Meetings between the members and Club Council, will be organised by the secretary, and will happen no less than four times a year.

d.     The Council reserve the right to call Extraordinary General Meetings to discuss matters such as discipline for members who infringe the rules/constitution of the club or league will be the responsibility of the Club Council.

e.     The Council will be responsible for discussing and implementing any new policy, codes of conduct and rules which may affect the club or any of its members.

f.     The Council will have the right to appoint sub-committees or delegate responsibility of tasks to other members of the club.

7.   Club Finance

a.     All club monies will be held in a club account held in name of Winchester City Basketball Club. The club Treasurer is responsible for the intake and outlay of funds. Annual Finance report will be presented at the AGM meeting, and will reflect the financial year, from August to July.

b.     Any cheques drawn from the account will hold the signature of the Treasurer and/or Club Secretary.

c.     We are not for profit.  Should any surplus profit be made then the profit will be re-invested back.  Upon winding up, surpluses will only be paid to members.

8.   Annual General Meeting

a.     The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held in July, unless the Club Council decides otherwise after consulting with other members of Winchester City Royals Basketball Club.

b.     Notice of the date of the meeting will be given a minimum of 14 days prior to meeting, by the Club Secretary.

c.     Secretary will ask for any nominations for any posts in club, to be given by no later than seven days before meeting.

d.     Election of club officers to take place at AGM.

e.     All club members have the right to vote at AGM.

f.     All club members are expected to attend meeting, failure to do so, or to provide prior notice of absence may result in disciplinary action.

g.     Procedures for EGM’s (Extraordinary General Meetings), as mentioned in section 6, will follow those of the AGM.

9.   Discipline and Appeals

a.     The Club Council will be responsible for the conduct of all members of club, and shall discipline any breach of club rules, regulations and constitution.

b.     Complaints regarding any members of the club should be submitted to the Club Secretary in writing.

c.     The Club Council will hear all complaints within 14 days of complaint being lodged. The Council reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action, including the termination of membership, if deemed necessary.

d.     The outcome of the hearing, and decision of the Club Council will be sent in writing to member concerned and person who lodged original complaint within seven days of hearing.

e.     All members reserve the right to appeal any decisions within 14 days of decision. All appeals to be fielded in writing to Club Secretary.

10. Dissolution

A decision to dissolve the club can only be passed at an AGM or EGM, through a majority vote of all members of club.

In the event of dissolution, any assets of the club that remain will become the property of Basketball England.

11. Amendments to the Constitution

The constitution will only be amended through a majority of votes by all members at either an AGM or EGM.


Winchester City Royals Basketball Club hereby adopts and accept this constitution as a current operating guide regulating the actions of its members.


Winchester City Royals