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Winchester Basketball History & Present
 Club Honours
WarriorsSolent League Division 3 Champions2006/07
WaspsSolent League Division 3 Champions2008/09
WizardsSolent League Division 3 Runners Up2008/09
SouthsidersSolent Intermediate Cup Runners Up2008/09
PanthersWessex Plate Champions2010/11 
KingsWessex League Division 3 Champions 2010/11
KingsWessex Plate Runners Up2010/11
Winchester year 7-8sHampshire Youth Games Bronze2011
WCBCClub Mark2011/12
WizardsSolent League Division 3 Champions2011/12
WaspsSolent Cup Champions 2011/12
PanthersWessex League Division 1 runners up2013/14
PanthersWessex Cup Champions 2013/14
U12 WingsSolent U12 League Runners Up2013/14
U12 WingsSolent Under 12 Cup Champions2013/14
U16 WolvesSolent U16 League Champions2013/14
U16 WolvesSolent U16 Cup Champions2013/14
U19 WolvesSolent U19 League Runners Up2013/14



The club started out with one men’s teams, the Winchester Warriors. The Warriors was the first team formed, in 2006 and entered the Solent Area Basketball Association (SABA) in Division 3, which, in their first season they were crowned champions of with a record of 13 wins and 3 losses, which also earned them promotion to Division 2, for the 2007/08 season.
Due to the interest generated by the Warriors success, the Wizards were formed, they played their first season in the Winchester Basketball League (WBL).
In addition to these teams, the club also hosted a local Winchester league, the WBL, which was launched January 2007. Over the last 2 season the league has comprised of local teams including the Wizards and Warriors, as well as the Eagles, Winchester University, Winchester Giants, Southsiders, Thornden, Supersonics and Southampton Trailblazers. All of this was created and run by league President, Richard Styants. The league was won by the Trailblazers in 2007.
The Wizards played their first season in division 3 of the Solent League and finished with a creditable 9 wins and 5 defeats, just missing out on promotion. The Warriors also went 9-5 in division 2 of the Solent League finishing in 3rd place.
The WBL ran for a second season with the Supersonics overhalling Thornden and winning the league.
The 2008/09 season saw Winchester City Basketball Club expand to 4 mens teams – the Warriors finished 3rd in division 2 of the Solent League with a 15-3 record and have been promoted to division 1 for the 2009/10 season. The Wasps (15-1), Wizards (13-3) and Southsiders (11-5) finished 1,2,3 in division 3 and all were promoted to div 2 for the 2009/10 season. The Southsiders also had a great cup run and made it through to the final beating 2 division 2 teams on the way before going down to the Solent Kestrels. The mixed team, the Weasels, played in division 3 of the Wessex league and finished 8-6, this was an experimental team and it was decided the experiment had run its course at the end of the season.
Winchester also entered the Founders cup. The tournament is played in group stages in the first round then the top 2 from each of the 8 groups go forward to the knock out phase. Winchester found the going tough in the groups against bigger more well established teams. They had some tight losses and great performances including a loss to the Kingston Wildcats, where Winchester were leading for much of the first 3 quarters before going down to the eventual Founders Cup winners.
In the WBL the Barton Peveril Oldboys defeated the Winchester Allstars in a high quality playoff final by 80-75.
This season saw the demise of the clubs founding team, the Warriors lost players to National league teams while others moved away from the area for various reasons. This left the Wasps, Wizards and Southsiders to fight if out for the WCBC bragging rights. The Wizards and Southsiders struggled to cope with the step up to division 2 finishing with 2-13 (1 no result) and 5-11 records respectively. The Wasps however started the season looking unbeatable and were 8-0 after a tough 63-61 away win on the Isle of Wight. The season then started to unravel as they went down heavily away to the Stags and eventually finished 11-5 in 3rd place. The Wasps also missed out in 2 Solent Area Cup semi finals.
The Founders Cup campaign began brilliantly with a 13 point win away to the Oxford Hoops Braves. Winchester managed 1 other win away to the Swindon Cavaliers, where they came back from a double didget half time deficite to overhall the bigger more experienced Swindon team, showing they were anything but 'basic', in a 77-70 away sucess thanks largely to Alan McDonalds 35 points.
The WBL didn't run for 2010.
This season saw the club increase from 2 local league teams to 4. The club added the Kings that entered the Wessex League division 3 which they won with a 13-3 record, they also finished runners up in the Wessex Plate. The Panthers, the clubs first ladies team, entered the Wessex League, making it into division 1 with a 6-4 record before Christmas and finishing 4th in Division 1 post Christmas. To complete a great first season the Panthers won the Ladies Plate competion with a close fought win over Swindon in the final. The Wasps started their first season in division 1 of the Solent league very positively winning 4 of their first 6 games. However injuries hit the team hard as they lost 6 league games in a row and went out of the Solent Cup at the Quarter Final stage. The Wasps finished the season 6-8 (5-2 at home, 1-7 away) beating the Solent Cup winners, Bournemouth, with a last second shot in their last game of the season. The Wizards struggled again in division 2 of the Solent league finishing 2-14, they did make it to the Intermediate Plate semi final but were beaten by the Barracudas at Kings.


The Club achieved Club Mark status in 2012 and increased it membership to just under 100. The ladies kept 1 team in the Wessex league whereas the mens 3 teams all played in the Solent League. The Kings name was dropped and the Warriors were reborn in Solent division 4. The Panthers had a tough start to the year and were in a relegation place until they turned it around winning their final 6 games of the season to finish their Wessex division 1 campaign with a 9-9 record, good enough for 3rd place in the division. The Wasps had an awful start to their division 1 season losing their first 9 league games. The lack of full court training really didn't help as their new venue, River Park Leisure Centre lost the use of one of the baskets in November which meant the Thursday sessions were just half court until the move to Winchester College in January. The Wasps finished the season strong winning  6 of their final 9 league matches to avoid relegation and beating the Knights, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth Smugglers to win the Solent Area Cup. The Wizards started the season extremely strongly moving to a 12-1 record, even though they failed to win in the league or cup after that their 12-6 finish was good enough to win the Solent League division 3 title. The Warriors picked up some good wins in Solent League division 4 beating the league winners Winchester Knights at Kings in OT and another contender in the Spitfires, overall it wasn't a successful season though as they finished 4-11, good enough for 5th place in division 4.

Winchester Basketball season by season standings

2006/07 Solent League division 3 - Warriors 13-3 - 1st.

2007 WBL

TeamWonLost <10Lost >10ForAga.Pts
Winchester Uni81150340627


2007 WBL MVP Grant Smith - Blazers

2007 Winchester Cup Winners - Blazers

2007/08 Solent League division 2 - Warriors 9-5 - 3rd.

2007/08 Solent division 3 - Wizards 9-5 - 4th.

2008 WBL

 TeamPlayed Won Lost<10Lost>10 For Against +/-Ave F  Ave A Pts
 Supersonics 12 9 2 1 580 497 83 48.8 41.4


 Thornden# 12 8 3 1 537 481 56 48.8 43.7 31
 Wizards 12 8 3 1 583 555 28 48.6 46.3 31
 Southsiders# 12 7 3 2 773 594 179 70.3 54.0 29
 Giants 12 2 8 2 542 615 -73 45.2 51.3 24
 Warriors 12 5 1 6 435 502 -67 36.3 41.8 19*
 Blazers 12 3 0 9 431 637 -206 35.9 53.1 18


2008 WBL MVP Ryan Squires - Thornden

2008 Winchester Cup Winners - Supersonics

2008/09 Solent League season

Warriors 15-3 Solent League Division 2 - 3rd

Wasps 15-1 Solent League Division 3 - Champions

Wizards 13-3 Solent League Division 3 - Runners Up

Southsiders 11-5 Solent League Division 3 - 3rd

Southsiders - Intermediate Cup Runners Up.


2008/09 Winchester City Basketball Club Results

Winchester CityWarriorsWizardsWaspsSouthsidersWeasels
H - Southsiders 72-71 WA - Fury 52-70 L H - Scorpions 69-66 WH - Police 69-38 WA - WCBC(friendly) 71-72 LH - Chiltern 61-55 W
A - Richmond 59-62 LH - Kestrels 79-93 L A - Sou Uni B 58-65 LA - Barras 68-47 WA - Twickenham (friendly) 60-103 LA - Whitley U18s 113-44 W
H - Twickenham 70-81 L A - Navy 72-68 W A - Winch Uni 80-34 WH -Southsiders 64-61 W A - Wasps 61-64 L A - Aztecs 69-52 W
 A - Kingston 62-123 L A - 73-67 Kestrels W A Barras 87-51 W H - Richmond (friendly) 52-93 L  A - Lightwater 62-84 L
H - Richmond 53-72 L A - Tigers 69-66 W H Police 81-29 WA - Bucks 72-55 WH - Kingston (friendly) 50-109 L A - Whitley Wizards 62-91 L
A - Twickenham 84 - 97 L H - Weymouth 83-69 W A Wasps 47-60 LH - Eagles 110-67 W A - Barras 71-63 WH - Woodley 81-48 W
H - Kingston 80-97 LH - Salisbury 52-44 WA Scorpions 79-73 WA - Soton Uni B 63-43 W A - Eagles 68-63 W A - Slough B 51-49 W
  H - Tigers 61-38 WA Eagles 96-70 WH - Wizards 60-47 WH - Soton Uni B 71-48 WH - Slough 66-77 L
 A - Stags 84-59 WH - Barras 80-43 WA - Police 64-50 W A - Scorpions 79-97 LA - Woodley 59-98 L
 H - Cav's 82-60 WA - Eagles 92-56 WH - Barras 79-66 WA - Bucks 60-47 WH - Lightwater 65-55 W
 H - Fury 78-80 LA - Police 109-48 WH - Bucks 96-45 WH Barras - 83-62 WH - Whitley Wizards 61-73 L
 A - Millbrook 86-55 WH - Southsiders 58-55 WA - Southsiders 64-61 WH - Wasps 61-64 LH - Whitley U18s 20-0 W
 A - Salisbury 60-56 WH - Bucks 82-65 W H - Badgers 60-40 WA - Soton Uni B 79-50 WH - Aztecs 78-60 W
 A - Weymouth 67-62 WH - Eagles 95-48 WA - Eagles 78-71 WA - Wizards 55-58 L 
 H - Stags 74-69? WH - Wasps 63-64 LH - Soton Uni B 61-55 WA - Wizards 59-65 L 
 A - Salisbury (cup) 20-0 WH - Southsiders 65-59 WH - Scorpions 60-57 WH - Police 20-0 W 
 H - Bulldogs 78-70 WH - Soton Uni B 71-66 WA - Wizards 64-63 W A - Police 20-0 W 
 N - Kestrels (cup) L A - Scorpions 50-82 LH - Eagles 92-74 W 
 A - Cavs 70-66 in OT W H - Southsiders (cup) 54-60 LA - Wasps (cup) 60-54 W 
 H - Navy 75-72 W  H - Bucks 20-0 W 
    A - Weymouth (Cup) 72-51 W 
    N - Tigers (cup) +30 W 
    H - Scorpions 74-61 W 
    N - Kestrels 47-82 L 


2009 WBL

WBL Tables

Winton Conference

Barton Peveril131036484093723967


Alfies Conference

All Stars*1310355042431.512661.5


2009 WBL Play Offs

Wed 29 July 7.30pm Princes Mead School - Quarter finals - Supersonics 63-59 Thornden, Giants 61-53 Southsiders

Thursday 30 July 8.00pm Kings School - Semi Final 1 All-Stars 60-49 Supersonics, Semi Final 2 Barton Peveril 70-45 Giants

Sunday 2 August 3pm Kings School - Barton Peveril Old Boys 80-75 Winchester All-Stars

WBL Final Scorers - Barton Peveril - Anthony Rutter 26, James Darios 22, Owen Teesdale 12, John Wilkins 10, Jon Gill 9, Paul Yeats 1

All-Stars - Will Neighbour 26, Toby White 12, Eoghann Stephens 10, Grant Smith 8, Kev Chase 6, Craig Sharland 4, Andy Guise 3, Dave Hoskins 2, Ben Davenport 2, Adam Gillies 2

2009/10 Results table


Solent - div 2Solent - div 2Solent - div 2Founders Cup
H - Ravens (friendly) - Lost 48-58H - Eagles (Friendly) - Won 87-62A - Wizards - Won 78-59A - Oxford Braves - Won 56-69
H - Southsiders - Lost 59-78H - Isle of Wight - Won 70-67H - Salisbury Suns - Won 79-74OTH - Swindon Cavs - Lost 51-69
H - Wasps - Lost 62-72A - Wizards - Won 62-72A - Hythe Stags - Won 80-93A - Oxford Devils - Lost 88-51
A - Isle of Wight - Lost 88-61A - B'mouth Razors - Won 52-71H - B'mouth Razors - Lost 64-66A - Swindon Cavs - Won 70-77
H - Weymouth Bandits - Won 65-53 - changed to 0-20 loss.H - Weymouth Bandits - Won 70-45H - Wasps - Lost 45-49H - Oxford Hoops Braves - Lost 66-86
A - Salisbury Suns - Game Voided, each team receive 0 points.A - Salisbury Suns - Won 51-59A - Isle of Wight - Lost 87-67H - Oxford Brookes Devils - Lost 0-20
H - Salisbury Suns - Lost 59-87A - Southsiders - Won 45-49Charity Match - Olds 105-104 ot YoungsA - Friendly vs Navy lost 70-64
A - Hythe Stags - Lost 83-43A - Barracudas - Won 47-66A - Weymouth Bandits - Lost 80-59A - Friendly Navy u23s - Won 48-92
Charity Match - Olds 105-104 ot YoungsCharity Match - Olds 105-104 ot YoungsH - Ravens (friendly) - Won 57-51A - Friendly Navy  - Won 60-72
H - Barracudas - Won 78-72A - Isle of Wight - Won 61-63A - B'mouth Razors - Lost 64-41 
H - Hythe Stags - Lost 45-83A - Hythe Stags - Lost 90-62A - Wasps - Intermediate Cup - Lost 52-48 
A - B'mouth Razors - Lost 62-55H - Southsiders - Intermediate Cup - Won 52-48A - Whitely (Solent Cup) - Lost 63-78 
A - Barracudas - Won 46-58H - Hythe Stags - Lost 57-60H - Isle of Wight - Lost 52-74 
H - Isle of Wight - Lost  69-75H - Dorset Storm - Solent Cup - Won 49-48 OTH - Weymouth - Lost 60-68 
H - B'mouth Razors - Lost 74-83A - Weymouth Bandits - Lost 52-50A - Salisbury Suns - Won 64-73 
A - Wasps - Lost 70-48H - Southsiders - Won 58-53A - Wasps - Lost 58-53 
A - Weymouth - Lost 74-54H - Salisbury Suns - Lost 51-68A - Barracudas - Lost 83-76 OT 
A - Ravens (intermediate Cup quarter final) - Lost 76-66H - Bournemouth Razors - Lost 56-63H - Hythe Stags - Lost 70-95 
A - Southsiders - Lost 90-82A - Polish Eagles (Intermediate Cup Quarter final) - Won 61-80H - Wizards - Won 90-82 
 H - Wizards - Won 70-48H - Barracudas - Lost 56-94 
 H - Barracudas - Won 78-51  
 H - Winchester Bradford Squad (friendly) - Won 70-55  

N - Navy (Inter Cup semi final) - Lost 61-63

 N - Bournemouth Bears (Solent Cup semi final) - Lost 61-69  


Final 2009/10 Solent League Division 2 table


TeamWLAve FAve A +/-Pt


2010-11 Season Results




  Wessex League  (Home 20.00 tip)Solent League - div 1 (Home 20.15 tip)Solent League - div 2 (Home 20.15 tip)Wessex League - div 3 (Home 13.30pm tip)Founders Cup
Sunday19-Sep-10 Friendlies v Kings and Wizards at Kings 12pmFriendlies v Wasps & Kings at Kings 12pmFrienlies v Wasps and Wizards at Kings 12pm 
Tuesday21-Sep-10  Home Friendly v Eagles - Won 69-68  
Thursday23-Sep-10Home - Woking Blackhawk Ladies 2 - Won 56-43Home Friendly v Basingstoke - Won 69-65   
Sunday26-Sep-10   Home - Lightwater Vipers - Won 84-57 
Thursday30-Sep-10Home - Aldworth Arrows - Won 56-30    
Saturday02-Oct-10    Friendly vs Navy Men - HMS Nelson - won 67-64
Sunday03-Oct-10   Away - Chiltern Force - Won 52-103 
Tuesday05-Oct-10Away - Woking Blackhawk Ladies 1 - Lost 47-42    
Sunday10-Oct-10   Home - Woodley Harriers - Won 108-50 
Tuesday12-Oct-10  Home - Dorset Cavaliers - Lost 35-80  
Thursday14-Oct-10Away - Farnborough Lady Phantoms - Won 47-80Home - Portsmouth Smugglers - Lost 77-81   
Tuesday19-Oct-10  Home - Southsiders - Lost 70-78Away - Aztec Cobras - Won - 41-70 
Thursday21-Oct-10Home - Woodley Wildcats - Won 69-59Home - Solent Kestrels - Won 68-61   
Sunday24-Oct-10Away - Camberley Finches - Lost 53-50    
Tuesday26-Oct-10  Home - Soton Uni B - Won 68-65  
Thursday28-Oct-10Home - Chiltern Ladies - Lost 40-56    
Thursday04-Nov-10  Away - Salisbury - Lost 74-71 (OT)  
Sunday07-Nov-10   Away - Woodley Harriers (Cup) - Lost 64-62 (OT) 
Monday08-Nov-10 Away - Bournemouth Bears - Lost 69-47   
Monday15-Nov-10  Away - Navy - Lost 89-42  
Wednesday17-Nov-10   Away - Slough Scorpions II - Lost 85-60 
Sunday21-Nov-10   Home - Woking Blackhawk Strikers - Lost 62-86 
Tuesday23-Nov-10  Home - Salisbury - Lost 58-82  
Thursday25-Nov-10 Home - Hythe Stags - Won 93-86   
Thursday02-Dec-10Away - Woodley Beavers - Lost 49-24    
Saturday04-Dec-10   Away - Lightwater Vipers - Lost 63-40 
Tuesday07-Dec-10  Home - Bournemouth Razors - Lost 59-95  
Thursday09-Dec-10Away - Reading Rocket Ladies - Won 42-50Home - Weymouth Bandits - Won 76-65   
Sunday12-Dec-10   Home - Chiltern Force - Won 97-50 
Thursday16-Dec-10Home - Aztec Storm - Won 58-53 OT    
Tuesday04-Jan-11  training  
Wednesday05-Jan-11   training 
Thursday06-Jan-11 training   
Sunday09-Jan-11Away - Woodley Beavers (cup) - Lost 63-47Kings closed Away - Woodley Harriers - Won - 66-83 
Wednesday12-Jan-11  trainingtrainingtraining 
Friday14-Jan-11  Away - Portsmouth Fury - Won 72-102   
Saturday15-Jan-11    Away vs Navy u23s - won 57-59 and Navy 1st team - won 48-49
Tuesday18-Jan-11 Away - Hythe Stags - Lost 85-47   
Wednesday19-Jan-11Away - Woking Blackhawks II - Won 34-54trainingtrainingtraining 
Tuesday25-Jan-11   Away - BCLT United - Game Void 
Wednesday26-Jan-11 Away - Portsmouth Smugglers - Lost 76-53trainingtraining 
Thursday27-Jan-11  Away - Isle of Wight - Lost 88-33  
Sunday30-Jan-11Away - Woodley Beavers - Lost - 54-42    
Sunday06-Feb-11Away - Aztec Storm - LostTrainingTrainingAway - Yately Silverbacks - Won 48-91 
Tuesday08-Feb-11 trainingtraining  
Wednesday09-Feb-11   training 
Thursday10-Feb-11Home - Woking Blackhawks - postponedAway - Southampton Uni - Lost 71-62trainingtraining 
Sunday13-Feb-11 training 11-1.00pmtraining 11-1.00pmHome - Slough Scorpions II - Won 124-73 
Tuesday15-Feb-11 trainingtraining  
Wednesday16-Feb-11   training 
Thursday17-Feb-11 Away - Southampton Uni (solent Cup) - Lost 62-57trainingtraining  
Sunday20-Feb-11 trainingtrainingtraining 
Tuesday22-Feb-11  Home - Solent Int Cup vs Dorset Cavs - Lost 51-79  
Wednesday23-Feb-11   training 
Thursday24-Feb-11 trainingtraining  
Friday25-Feb-11 Home - v Jersey (friendly) - Won 53-52  Home - Deerglen Warriors (friendly) - Won 69-66
Monday28-Feb-11 Away - Weymouth Bandits - Lost - 74-56   
Wednesday02-Mar-11 trainingtrainingtraining 
Wednesday09-Mar-11 trainingAway - Petersfield Rockets - Plate - Won - 62-69training 
Sunday13-Mar-11 training 12-1.15pmAway - Southsiders - Lost - 85-59Home - Aztec Cobras - Won - 20-0 forfeit 
Tuesday15-Mar-11 trainingtraining  
Wednesday16-Mar-11   training 
Thursday17-Mar-11home - Woking Blackhawks II - Won 58-39Home - Soton Uni A - Lost 64-78   
Sunday20-Mar-11 trainingtrainingHome - Whitley Wizards - plate - Won 77-54 
Monday21-Mar-11  Away - Bournemouth Razors - - Lost - 78-52  
Tuesday22-Mar-11Away - Woking Blackhawks - Lost 74-39.Away - Solent Kestrels - Lost - 76-65trainingtraining 
Thursday24-Mar-11 training training 
Sunday27-Mar-11 training 12-1.15pmtraining 12-1.15pmHome - Yately Silverbacks - Won 75-47 
Tuesday29-Mar-11  training  
Wednesday30-Mar-11   training 
Thursday31-Mar-11Home - Woodley Beavers - Lost 60-42training   
Saturday02-Apr-11    Games vs Navy U23s - Won 61-77  and Senior team - Lost 80-45
Sunday03-Apr-11Away - Chiltern - Lost 48-41training 12-1.15pmtraining 12-1.15pm Winchester v Winchester u19s - Score 108-41
Tuesday05-Apr-11 trainingtraining  
Wednesday06-Apr-11  Away - Dorset Cavaliers - Lost - 20-0training 
Thursday07-Apr-11Home - Chiltern Ladies - Won 65-63 OT    
Sunday10-Apr-11 trainingtrainingAway - Woking Blackhawk Strikers - Won - 41-90 
Tuesday12-Apr-11  Home - IOW - Lost 61-87  
Thursday14-Apr-11Away - Farnborough Phantoms - Ladies Plate Semi Final - Won 39-60trainingtrainingtraining  
Sunday17-Apr-11 trainingtrainingAway - Yateley Silverbacks - plate - Won 55-84 
Tuesday19-Apr-11  Home - Navy - Lost 77-79  
Wednesday20-Apr-11   training 
Thursday21-Apr-11 Home - Bournemouth Bears - Won 58-56   
Sunday24-Apr-11 Easter   
Tuesday26-Apr-11  Training  
Wednesday27-Apr-11   Training 
Thursday28-Apr-11Home Aztec Storm - Won - 66-55Home - Portsmouth Fury - Won 20-0   
Sunday01-May-11 TrainingTrainingTraining 
Tuesday03-May-11Away - Woking Blackhawks - Lost 66-42 Home - Barracuda - Solent Plate semi final - Lost 66-83  
Wednesday04-May-11   Training 
Thursday05-May-11   Away - Soton Uni B - Won 64-69  
Sunday08-May-11   Home - BCLT United - Won 83-47 
Tuesday10-May-11    Away - Friendly vs Blizzards - Lost 72-62
Wednesday11-May-11 TrainingTrainingTraining 
Sunday15-May-11Wessex Plate Final - vs Swindon Sonics - Won 65-60  Wessex Plate Final - vs Aztec Jaguars - Lost 56-76 
Saturday18-Jun-11Unders 84-88 OversUnders 84-88 OversUnders 84-88 OversUnders 84-88 Overs 
Wednesday22-Jun-11Game vs Brockwood School from 7.00pm at Princes MeadGame vs Brockwood school from 7.00pm at Princes MeadGame vs Brockwood School from 7.00pm at Princes MeadGame vs Brockwood School from 7.00pm at Princes Mead 


2011-12 Solent & Wessex League results




  Wessex League - div 1 (Home 20.15 tip at Kings School)Solent League - div 1 (Home 19.15 tip at Winchester College)Solent League - div 3 (Home 20.15 tip at Kings School)Solent League - div 4 (Home 14.15 tip)Friendlies
Thursday22-Sep-11   Friendly - Away - vs Petersfield Rockets Lost 63-51 
Tuesday4-Oct-11  Friendly - Home vs Southampton Ravens - Won 43-39  
Wednesday5-Oct-11Away vs Woking Blackhawks Ladies - Lost 48-45    
Thursday6-Oct-11 Friendly - Home vs Southampton Eagles - Lost 58-60   
Tuesday11-Oct-11  Home vs Team Solent - Won 62-36  
Thursday13-Oct-11   Friendly - Home vs Winchester U19s - Won 65-47 
Sunday16-Oct-11Away vs Chiltern Ladies - Won 36-49  Home vs New Forest Blackhawks - Won 62-46 
Tuesday18-Oct-11 Away vs Solent Kestrels - Lost 99-54Away vs Soton Uni B - Won 73-80 OT  
Sunday23-Oct-11   Away vs Soton Medic Badgers - Lost 68-56 
Tuesday25-Oct-11  Home vs Weymouth Cowboys - Won 71-57  
Thursday27-Oct-11Home vs Aztec Storm - Lost 44-58Home vs Soton Uni A - Lost 56-64   
Sunday30-Oct-11   Inter Cup Away vs Southsiders - Lost 99-47 
Sunday6-Nov-11   Away vs Winchester Knights - Lost 86-36 
Tuesday8-Nov-11  Away vs Waterside Bucks - Won 63-66  
Wednesday9-Nov-11 Away vs Portsmouth Smugglers - Lost 69-60   
Thursday10-Nov-11Away vs Woodley Wildcats (Wessex Cup) - Won 82-36    
Sunday13-Nov-11Away vs Camberley Golden Eagles - Lost 20-0    
Tuesday22-Nov-11  Home vs Soton Uni B - Won 70-66  
Thursday24-Nov-11 Home vs Portsmouth Smugglers - Postponed Away vs New Forest Blackhawks - Won 70-73 
Wednesday30-Nov-11  Away vs Southampton Ravens - Lost 74-68  
Thursday1-Dec-11Home vs Woking Blackhawks Ladies - postponed    
Sunday4-Dec-11   Home vs Winchester Knights - Won 79-76 OT 
Tuesday6-Dec-11  Home vs Waterside Bucks - Won 73-53  
Monday12-Dec-11 Away vs Bournemouth Bears - Lost 67-61   
Wednesday14-Dec-11  Away vs Barracudas - Won 52-66  
Thursday15-Dec-11Home vs Chiltern Ladies - Lost 48-53    
Tuesday3-Jan-12  Home vs Waterside Bucks - Won 91-64  
Thursday5-Jan-12Home vs Camberley Golden Eagles (Cup) - Lost 42-47Home vs Waterside Stags - Postponed   
Sunday8-Jan-12Away vs Aztec Storm - Lost 56-30  Home vs Southampton Spitfires - Lost 67-91 
Thursday12-Jan-12 Away vs Isle of Wight - Lost 56-55   
Sunday15-Jan-12Away vs Woodley Beavers - Lost 45-39 OT    
Wednesday25-Jan-12 Away vs Portsmouth Smugglers - Lost 87-59   
Thursday26-Jan-12   Away vs New Forest Blackhawks - Lost 59-52 
Friday27-Jan-12  Away vs Team Solent (19.45 tip - Won 46-49  
Saturday28-Jan-12    Friendly away to Navy U23s - Lost 66-51
Sunday 29-Jan-12    Friendly away to Navy Senior team - Lost 75-70
Tuesday31-Jan-12 Away vs Solent Kestrels - Lost 100-73   
Wednesday1-Feb-12Away vs Reading Rockets Ladies - Won 37-52    
Thursday2-Feb-12 Home v Winchester Knights (Cup) - Won 84-65Away vs Weymouth Cowboys - Won 65-71  
Friday3-Feb-12   Away vs Southampton Spitfires - Lost 59-41 
Tuesday7-Feb-12  Home vs Waterside Bucks (Cup) - Won 42-39  
Sunday12-Feb-12   Home vs Petersfield Rockets - Lost 54-65 
Tuesday14-Feb-12Away vs Woking Blackhawks Ladies - Won 43-58 Home vs Barracudas - Won 57-44  
Thursday16-Feb-12Home vs Camberley Golden Eagles - Lost 36-53Home vs Solent Kestrels - Lost 64-78   
Sunday19-Feb-12   Away vs Winchester Knights - Lost 52-41 
Thursday23-Feb-12 Home vs Southampton Uni A - Lost 74-78Away vs Weymouth Cowboys - Won 46-56  
Sunday26-Feb-12Away vs Chiltern Ladies - Lost 46-45   Saturday 25th Feb - Friendlies away to Navy Seniors - Won 60-69 & Navy U23s - Won 43-68
Tuesday28-Feb-12 Away vs Waterside Stags - Won 77-103   
Thursday1-Mar-12   Away vs Petersfield Rockets - Lost 82-41 
Thursday8-Mar-12Home vs Aztec Storm - postponedHome vs Bournemouth Bears - Won 73-67   
Tuesday13-Mar-12 Away vs Southampton Uni A - Won 59-68   
Thursday15-Mar-12Home vs Woodley Beavers - Won 20-0    
Sunday18-Mar-12Away vs Camberley Golden Eagles - Lost 58-35   Friendly away to Navy Seniors - Won 67-68
Tuesday20-Mar-12  Home vs Southampton Ravens - Lost 59-77  
Thursday22-Mar-12Home vs Woking Blackhawks (Cup) - Lost 37-41    
Sunday25-Mar-12   Home vs Southampton Medic Badgers - Lost 41-64 
Tuesday27-Mar-12  Home vs Winchester Knights (Inter Cup) - Lost 54-58  
Thursday29-Mar-12Home vs Reading Rockets Ladies - Won 65-35    
Thursday5-Apr-12Home vs Woodley Beavers - Won 20-0Away vs Isle of Wight - Lost 72-42   
Thursday12-Apr-12Home vs Woking Blackhawk Ladies - Won 60-42Home vs Waterside Stags - Won 96-91  Friendly away to Navy U23s - Lost 42-61
Sunday15-Apr-12   Home vs Southampton Spitfires - Won 64-53 
Tuesday17-Apr-12  Home vs Barracudas - Lost 30-62  
Thursday19-Apr-12Home vs Reading Rocket Ladies - Won by 20Home vs Bournemouth Bears - Lost 70-77   
Sunday22-Apr-12  Away vs Southampton Ravens - Lost 53-47Home vs Petersfield Rockets - Lost 45-51 
Sunday29-Apr-12   Away vs Southampton Medic Badgers - Lost 75-40 
Tuesday1-May-12  Home vs Southampton Uni B - Lost 54-55  
Thursday3-May-12Home vs Aztec Storm - Won 52-39Home vs Waterside Stags - Won 76-74   
Friday4-May-12  Away vs Team Solent - Lost 99-37  
Sunday6-May-12 Cup Semi final vs Isle of Wight - Won 76-69   
Thursday10-May-12 Home vs Portsmouth City Smugglers - Lost 82-91   
Sunday20-May-12 Solent Cup Final day vs Portsmouth Smugglers (Hamble) - Won 78-59!!!   


2010/11 Solent& Wessex League & Cup Season

Wasps 6-8 Solent League Division 1 - 5th

Wizards 2-14 Solent League Division 2 - 8th

Panthers 6-4 pre Christmas, 6-9 post Christmas Wessex Ladies Division 1

Kings 12-3 (1void) Wessex Division 3

Panthers Wessex Plate Champsions

Kings Wessex Plate Runners Up


2011/12 Solent & Wessex League Season

Wasps 6-12 Solent League Division 1 - 5th

Wizards 12-6 Solent League Division 3 - 1st

Warriors 4-11 Solent League Division 4 - 5th

Panthers 9-9 Wessex League Division 1 - 3rd

Wasps Solent Cup Champions


Winchester City Basketball Hall of Fame


Dean Carey (Warriors & Wizards)

George Whitfield (Winchester University)

Richard Styants (Giants)

Mark Robertson (Giants)

Grant Smith (Warriors & Blazers)


Dave Clarke (Supersonics & Wizards)

Tim Brown (Wessex League)


No one inducted in 2009


No one inducted in 2010



Winchester Wizards Basketball Team

The Wizards started out in 2006, joining the Solent League in 2007 after starting out in the WBL. The Wizards yoyod between division 2 and division 3 of the Solent league and managed to pick up their first ever championship in 2011/12. Since the demise of the Wasps, the Wizards are now the clubs first team. In 2015 the Wizards were promoted to division 1 of the Solent League.






Final Solent League division 3 table 2011/12


 Wizards Team Stats from 2008/09 - end of 2011/12

 NameGames PlayedPoints score
1Adam Gillies4371616.737
2Dave Clarke412917.118
3Adey Rochester312728.828
4Dean Carey312718.723
5Mike Sampson1826214.627
6Craig Sharland2324510.729
7Jon Gill1424417.435
8Perran Hutton1217414.525
9Thom Attwood361484.119
10Thom Parker513927.838
11Andy Guise361373.811
12Guy Wilcox241275.314
13Kev Chase291083.717
14Elvijs Ungurs161056.618
15Isaac Paddington510020.025
16Justyn Moore14856.113
17Sam James27853.111
18Thom Smith57214.424
19Adam Jenkins13675.210
20Mark Lewis7639.017
21Ged Luksas36220.728
22Stu Ralph10393.911
23Dave Ridge15382.59
24Jules Prieto17372.24
25Oliver Good13232.032
26Michal Gyepes11302.710
27Adam Simpson12262.24
28Ben Cox 5255.09
29Jeff Fabrigaras8253.111
30Grant Smith7233.37
31Matt Duke3175.78
32Keith Palmer4143.58
33Rob Attwood7142.07
34Matt Symmonds13141.14
35Andy Rule199.09
36Mike Castle891.14
37Dave Hoskins177.07
38Rob Deyzel561.22
39Jon Pickering155.05
40Ryan Squires144.04
41Matt Tallyn242.04
42David Senart341.32
43Steve Vaughan441.04
44Matt Jaquiery122.02
45Adam Paddon122.02
46Tom Slocombe221.02
47James Taylor420.52
48David Cooley100.00
49Damion Isaac100.00


2011/12 Game reports

Wizards take out all 4 Bucks Legs at the Ice Palace

The Wizards are through to the last 8 of the Solent Intermediate Cup with another win over the Waterside Bucks at a freezing kings school gym by 42-39.

Scorers- Perran Hutton 10 (4/8), Mike Sampson 8 (4/8), Elvijs Ungurs 6, Dave Clarke 5 (1/2), Jules Prieto 4, Adey Rochester 4, Dave Ridge 3 (3/4), Adam Jenkins 2, Michal Gyepes DNS. (Free Throws - 12/22)

Cowboys are firing blanks!

The Winchester Wizards travelled way out to Weymouth to face their Solent Area Basketball Association Division 3 opponents, the Weymouth Cowboys.  Sitting in first place the Wizards knew that the Cowboys at the bottom of the table had nothing to lose and would come out playing hard.

The Cowboys came out guns blazing and took a 17-16 point lead at the end of the first quarter.  The Wizards adjusted their defence, which really seemed to affect the Cowboys as the Wizards slowly pulled away from their opponents taking the lead into halftime.

The third quarter saw the Wizards turn the offense on, with guard Perran Hutton scoring 8 points in the first 90 seconds of the quarter. Hutton continued to dominate as the Wizards stretched their lead to 21 points going into the 4th quarter. With the game basically already decided, the Wizards went into cruise control. The Cowboys took advantage of this mistake and outscored the Wizards in the 4th quarter 23-8 to make the final score 71-65 to the Winchester Wizards. Winchester now sits with a 9 point lead in the league with 10 wins and 1 loss.

The Wizards are focusing now on closing out the next few games so they can mathematically clinch 1st place in Division 3, and can focus solely on the Intermediate Cup.

Scorers Perran Hutton 25, Mike Sampson 14, Dave Clarke 8, Adam Jenkins 8 Michael Gyepes 8, Elvijs Ungurs 4, Matt Symmonds 2, Adey Rochester 2, Sam James & David Senart 0.

Wizards sneak one against Team Solent

The Wizards managed to come away from the Improving Team Solent with a narrow 46-49 victory to move further clear at the top of Solent League division 3.

Scorers: Sampson 19, Peran 11, Spike 6, Clarke 6, Ridge 4, Ben 2, Grant 1, Jules/Mike 0

Wizards have Bucks in their pockets

The Winchester Wizards continued where they left off before Christmas, with another victory over the Waterside Bucks. The Bucks, having lost the 2 previous meetings against the Winchester side, looked to visit Winchester and leave with a early 2012 gift. The Wizards where having none of it, as they carried the lead throughout the game eventually beating the Bucks 91-64.

The Wizards started off slow on offense, but were strong enough on defence to prevent the Bucks from scoring. Newly acquired player Ged Luksas created many scoring opportunities by continually driving towards the basket for lay ups. When the lay up was denied, Luksas was being fouled and sent to the free throw line 15 times throughout the course of the game. The rest of the team started to pick up offensively, putting the pressure on the Bucks to keep up.

The Wizards led 20-15 after the first quarter, and with the Bucks in chase mode, the Winchester team turned up the defence in the 2nd quarter allowing only 13 points to go in at halftime with a 46-28 lead.

The second half saw the Bucks came out with pressure defence and fast breaks that bought them back to within 7 points. Coach David Senart called for a full court pressing defence that seemed to bewilder the Bucks as the Wizards went on an 18-4 point run to finish out the third quarter.

Heading into the last quarter with a 69-48 lead, the Wizards kept the pressure on, winning the 4th quarter 22-16 for the final score 91-64. This was the third and final regular season meeting between these two teams, which has seen the Winchester Wizards win each game by an increasing margin. The Wizards will see the Bucks again in a month’s time as they have been drawn together in the Solent Intermediate Mens Cup 2nd round.

Scorers: Ged Luksas 28, Perran Hutton 18, Dave Clarke 12, Dave Ridge 9, Mike Sampson 8, Jon Pickering 5, Jules Preito 4, Adam Jenkins 4, Grant Smith 2, Matt Symonds DNS

Wizards go Buck hunting

The division leading Winchester Wizards basketball club faced off against the Waterside Bucks on Tuesday December the 6thJust 3 weeks previously these teams met at Waterside, with the Wizards coming away with a 3 point victory, which gave the Bucks hope that they could come to Winchester and leave victorious. The Wizards where having none of it, cruising to an easy 73-53 win.

The start of the game seemed ominous as the Bucks turned up with their full team, while the home side only had 8 available players due to injuries. However the addition of new player Ged Luksas proved very fruitful as he scored 28 points, leading the Wizards in scoring.

The Wizards started off well, but good guard play by the Bucks kept the score tied after the first quarter. The second quarter began with the Wizards coming out strong, and putting up a double digit lead by halftime.

The third quarter started the same, with the home side earning its largest lead of 23 points, which caused the Bucks to play a higher pressure pressing defense, which allowed them to get back to within 9 points by the start of the fourth quarter.

The aggressive play of the Wizards allowed them to build yet another lead, this time however, the Buck’s did not have an answer, and the Wizards finished them off 73-53.

Scorers: Ged Luksas 28, Perran Hutton 13, Adam 'Spike' Jenkins 10, Mike Sampson 8, Dave Clarke 6, Matt Symmonds 4, Julian Prieto 2, Dave Ridge 2.

Wizards lose unbeaten start in Southampton.

The Wizards beat themselves away to the Southampton Ravens in Solent league division 3. They didn’t seem to take their fired up opponents seriously enough making uncharacteristic errors and missing 25 of their 38 free throws. The Wizards eventually went down 74-68.

Scorers: Mike Sampson 22, Dave Clarke 15, Perran Hutton 11, Adam Jenkins 7, Elvijs Ungurs 4, Sam James 3, Dave Ridge 2, Jules Prieto 2, Grant Smith 2, also played Matt Symmonds & Rob Deyzel.

Wizards sink the Sharks

The Winchester Wizards overcame the Southampton University Sharks B 70-66 with another powerful performance from the Wizards big men.

The Sharks started the top of the table clash in superb running form scoring their first 6 points from fast breaks. They remained on top throughout the first quarter, thanks partly to 2 lucky 3 point shots. It took a nice spin and layup from 6-7’ big man Mike Sampson to pull the deficit back to 13-16 at the end of the first quarter.

The Wizards were sluggish to start the 2nd, allowing their more athletic opponents too open up a 7 point lead that they maintained for the first 6 minutes of the quarter. A 10-2 Wizards run over the next 2 minutes, including some good guard play from Adam Jenkins, forced the Sharks into a time out with the Wizards up 30-29. The Sharks outscored the Wizards 4-2, after the timeout, to take a 32-33 lead into half time.

With Adey Rochester and Mike Sampson dominating near the basket at both ends of the court the Wizards had a superb start to the 3rd quarter outscoring the Sharks 14-4 over the first 6 minutes to open up their biggest lead of the game at 46-37. The Sharks however managed to pull the deficit back to 52-49 to end the 3rd quarter thanks to outstanding shooting from their guard Balbonis who scored 10 of their last 12 in the quarter.

The teams traded baskets for the first 6 minutes of the 4th quarter until Balbonis hit 2 straight 3 pointers to open up a 62-64 Sharks lead. Stand in Wizards coach Styants called a time out with just over 1 minute remaining in the game and emphasised playing to the Wizards strengths. The Wizards went straight to Sampson on the next play producing a basket and a technical foul against the Sharks coach. Sampson hit 1 of 2 free throws and then Adam Jenkins hit a jump shot off the next possession to open up a 67-64 Wizards lead.

Inside the final 30 seconds the Sharks scored a nice inside basket to close to 66-67. By this time the Sharks had gone to a full court man to man defence to try and pressure the Wizards into mistakes, however, Dave Ridge drew an unsportsmanlike foul giving him 2 shots and possession. Ridge hit 1 of 2 from the foul line with 7 seconds remaining.

The Sharks were determined not to let Jenkins get the ball from the inbounds, chasing him down with 3 players which left Elvijs Ungurs wide open for the pass and a lane to the basket to put the game out of the Sharks reach.

Scorers: Adey Rochester 23, Mike Sampson 22, Adam Jenkins 8, Dave Clarke 4, Elvijs Ungurs 4, Dave Ridge 3, Sam James 2, Jules Prieto 2, Rob Deyzel 2, Matt Symmonds & Jeff Fabrigaras also played.

Wizards beat the Bucks

The Wizards held on to win 63-66 away to the Waterside Bucks.

Scorers: Perran Hutton 17, Adey Rochester 12, Mike Sampson 11, Adam Jenkins 7, Dave Ridge 6, Jeff Fabrigaras 5, Jules Preto 4, Sam James 2, Dave Clarke 2, Also played Elvijs Ungurs & Dave Cooley.

Wizards shoot down the Cowboys

The Winchester Wizards used an 21-6 run that spanned the 1st and 2nd quarters to pull clear of the Weymouth Cowboys in this Solent league division 3 match and they never looked back.

The Cowboys managed to stay with the Wizards in the early going due to their 3 point shooting, their first 3 baskets were all 3s. The Cowboys lead 13-12 6 minutes into the game After an inside move by Adey Rochester the Cowboys big man Legg pulled them level hitting 1/2 from the line. The Wizards then moved into a higher gear as they outscored the Cowboys 12-2 in the final 2 minutes of the quarter to end the period 26-16 in front.

The Wizards kept the momentum going to start the 2nd quarter as Dave Clarke scored 7 of the wizards points in a 9-4 run to put the home team 35-20 in front 3 minutes into the 2nd quarter. The Wizards still held a 44-31 lead at the half.

Matt Duke, who was having easily his best game of the season, landed awkwardly, twisting his knee, while going after a rebound just 1 minute into the 2nd half. He was in some pain as had to be helped from the court, ending his game on 8 points. The Wizards soon regrouped and pulled away to 61-42 after 3 quarters.

With the game already won, the Wizards intensity noticably dropped in the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter as they let Weymouth come back from 69-46 to finish the game with their own 11-2 run making the final score Wizards 71-57 Cowboys.

The Wizards have already won more games this season than they did the whole of last season. The Wizards next game is Tuesday 8th November away to the only other unbeaten team in the division, the Waterside Bucks at Applemore Leisure Centre.

Scorers: Perran Hutton 17, Adey Rochester 16, Mike Sampson 13, Matt Duke 8, Dave Clarke 7, Elvijs Ungurs 4, Jeff Fabrigaras 4, Sam James 2. Matt Symmonds, Dave Ridge & Jules Prieto also played. Free Throws 18/35 - Hutton 7/14, Sampson 3/5, James 2/2, Duke 2/3, Rochester 2/4, Fabrigaras 2/5, Ungurs 0/1.

Wizards last second magic leaves the Sharks in a spin.

The Wizards and Southampton Uni Sharks B always produce classic games and this one was no different as the Wizards fought back from an improbable position to defeat the Sharks in Over time.

The Sharks came out firing on all cylinders, dominating early offensively and defensively to quickly go up 14-4. Sensing that a change was needed , coach David Senart called a timeout and changed to a man defence as the Sharks where shooting over the top of the zone at will. The changed worked, and the Wizards fought back into the game to finish the first quarter down by only 1 point 16-15.

The second quarter mimicked the first, with the home side Sharks again taking a comfortable lead, forcing the Wizard to fight back, with inside power plays by Adey Rochester and Elvijs Ungurs, bringing the Winchester side back into the game yet again down by 1 point at half time 29-28 to the Sharks.

The 3rd quarter followed the same theme as both teams made runs, with the Sharks going up forcing the Wizards to fight back into the game. The Wizards never managed to forge ahead, as each time they got back to tie the game, the Sharks would turn up the pressure and put another run together. The Wizards guards Adam Jenkins and Sam James started to work the ball inside to big man Mike Sampson. Sampson standing at 6'7" was just too much to take, and overpowered the smaller defenders and finally as the quarter ended, Winchester had the lead 49-47.

Both teams picked up the intensity for the final 10 minutes. Winchester started to pull away to finish the game, but the home side showed true determination to come back and take a 1 point lead with under 3 minutes to play. Frustration set in for the Wizard, causing an uncharacteristic mistake that nearly gave the game away with only 1 minute 45 seconds to go in the game, when point guard Jeff Fabrigaras argued a call with the ref causing him to get a double technical foul, ejecting him from the game, and giving the Shark 4 free throws and the ball back.

When all was said and done the score stood at 70-64 for the Sharks. The outlook was grim for the Wizard, but they showed their heart and didn't give up on the game. Still down by 6 points with less than 24 seconds to go in the game the Sharks fouled Adam Jenkins, giving 2 shots to the Wizards. Spike missed the first attempt, and knowing his team needed points, purposely missed the second shot in an attempt to get the ball back. This worked brilliantly as Mike Sampson grabbed the rebound and scored to bring the score to 70-66. Shark coach Ben Stanley didn't agree with something on the court, and argue with the ref, who in turn gave him a technical foul, giving the Wizards 2 free throws and the ball back. Mike Sampson hit both from the line making the score 70-68 with 8.4 seconds on the clock.

Coach Senart called a timeout to discuss the options. As play resumed the Wizards tried to get the ball back inside to Sampson who already had 23 points in the game, however the Sharks knew where the ball was going and they triple teamed Sampson as guard Sam James attempted to force the ball into him. The pass was deflected up and over Sampson and the 3 defenders and came down right at the feet of Adey Rochester, who was in the right place at the right time to gather the ball right under the basket and score the easy lay up to tie the game at 70 with under 2 seconds on the clock.

The game went into overtime and the Wizards used the momentum they gained at the end of normal time to dominate the extra period, outscoring the Sharks 10-3 for the victory 80-73. The Winchester Wizards move to the top of the Solent League Div 3 with 2 wins and 0 losses.

Scorers: Mike Sampson 27, Adey Rochester 22, Elvijs Ungurs 15, Jeff Fabrigaras 4, Dave Clarke 3, Matt Duke 3, Jules Prieto 3, Adam Jenkins 2, Sam James 1, Dave Ridge, Matt Symmonds & Kev Chase.

Wizards defense is mystifying…

The Winchester Wizards started league play in Solent Div 3 against a young Team Solent side. The Wizards looking to improve from the previous weeks friendly, did just that, exorcising their offensive demons, putting up 62 points in a blow out victory 62-36.

Team Solent started strong, with youth, athleticism, and speed allowing them to take an early lead 10-9, but that is the last time the Wizard team would be down in the game. Winchester went big with Dave Clarke, Elvijs Ungurs, and Mike Sampson on the court, and the young Solent side had no answer, allowing 14 unanswered points in the final 3 minutes of the first quarter including 6 straight points from Latvian Powerhouse Elvjs. The first quarter ended 23-10 for the home team.

The 2nd quarter saw the Wizard starting to rotate more of the bench players into the game, and the hard work at training paid off as the bench players where still able to outscore Team Solent 16-12 in the 2ndperiod to build a 39-22 lead half time.

The second half Team Solent came out showing their fitness levels as they where able to keep pace with the Wizards nearly matching them point for point, however they where unable to dig themselves out of the hole they where in and ended the 3rd 48-30 down.

Team Solent’s frustration began to rise in the 4th as they continued to be overpowered by the Wizards big men and outsmarted by the Wizards guards. In the end it was too much for the Team Solent Coach, Sylvann Donneaud, who received two quick technical fouls for arguing with one of the referees, and was ejected from the game.

The Wizards where able to win every quarter thanks to a much improved offensive effort, and a smothering defense that left the opposition spellbound.

The Wizard will now look to carry on their winning ways as they travel to Southampton Uni Team B Sharks on Tuesday the 18th.

Scorers (points, rebounds & assists): Mike Sampson 15, 8 & 4, Dave Clarke 13, 4 and 2, Elvijs Ungus 12, 5rbs, Jeff Fabrigaras 11, 2 & 3, Matt Duke 6, 5 & 2, Rob Deyzel 2, 4 & 1, Matt Symmonds 2 & 1rb, Dave Ridge 1, 4 & 1, Steve Vaughan 1rb & 3ast, Kev Chase 1rb 3ast. Wizards Free Throws 12/25. Team Solent Free Throws 1/4.

Final Solent League division 2 table 2010/11

TeamWonLostAve. FAve. A+/-Pts
Isle of Wight13173.154.825640
Bournemouth Razors10464.358.0 8834
Dorset Storm Cavs8666.755.216130
Salisbury Suns6860.863.9-4326
Soton Uni B11356.473.7-24316

2010/11 Game Reports

Wizards conjure up a win to finish their season on a high

The Wizards took an unfamiliar line up to Southampton Uni to take of the Sharks B team but came away with the right result to record their 3rd win on the season by 64-69.

Kev Chase scored his first points of the season for the Wizards and, according to the Wizards coach, Chase was the reason for the victory! All though everyone else said it was a good team performance.

Scorers - Adam Gillies 20, Adey Rochester 16, Isaac Paddington 15, Kev Chase 8, Keith Palmer 6, Steve Vaughan 4, Rob Deyzel, Tom Slocombe.

Wizards so close to big win but in the end they foul up!

The Winchester Wizards, despite being without their coach Kev Chase, played their best game of the season at home to, already promoted, Portsmouth Command Navy. The Wizards, who will be relegated to division 3 of the Solent league next season, were in front for long spells of the 4th quarter before their poor free throw shooting finally proved to be their undoing. The Wizards were 8/23 from the foul line for the match as they lost 77-79.

If the Wizards can take this form into their Solent Plate semi final on 3 May against the Dorset Barracudas they will surely make the Final.

Scorers: Craig Sharland 28, Adam Gillies 22, Isaac Paddington 12, Tom Smith 8, Guy Wilcox 7, Thom Attwood.

The Wizards picked up their first win of 2011 with a 62-69 win away to the Petersfield Rockets in the Solent Intermediate Plate. This puts them through to the Plate semi finals. Scorers: Thom Attwood 19, Craig Sharland 18, Stu Ralph 11, Adam Gillies 11, Guy Wilcox 6, Sam James 4




The Winchester Warriors are back!!!

The Warriors were the clubs first team, they started out in 2006 winning the Solent league division 3. They rose to division 1 but due to club politics at the time and players moving away from the area they pulled out of the league. They came back in 2011 joining the Solent League division 4. In 2014/15 the Wizards made it through to the Solent Area Inter Cup Final losing narrowly to the higher division Hamble Hornets in the final.

Current Solent League division 4 table 2011/12


Game Reports 2011-12

Warriors beaten by Spitfires again - Lost 59-41

Scorers & Free Throws – Elvijs Ungurs 13 (3/7), Michal Gyepes 7 (1/2), Rich Styants 7 (1/6), David Senart (1/2) 6, Roger Kemp 4, Mike Castle 3 (1/4), Jack Mcfadden 2

Warriors are pony in the New Forest - Lost 59-52

Scorers Adam 'Spike' Jenkins 14 (2/2) Dean Carey 12 (2/4) Sam James 9 (1/1) Dan Myers 9 (0/2) Elvijs Ungurs 4 Roger Kemp 2 Michael Castle 2 (2/4) Jack Jack Robert McFadden Daniel Wiltshire Jake Ratcliffe David Senart (0/2) played but DNS

Warrors shot down by Spitfires

The Warriors started awfully, down 27-7 after 1 quarter, in this game and never fully recovered.They pulled it back to within 12 points with 6 minutes to play in the final quarter but eventually lost the game 67-92.

Scorers: Elvijs Ungurs 19 (2/5 free throws), Dean Carey 15 (1/2), Adam Jenkins 13 (5/10), Jake Ratcliffe 7 (1/1), Dan Myers 6 (2/2), Mike Castle 5 (3/6), Dan Wiltshire 2, Jack Mcfaddon 0 (0/2). Overall Free Throws 14/28.

Warriors deafeat the Knight to go 3-2 at Christmas.

The Winchester University Knights saw their unbeaten start to the Solent League division 4 season ended by the Winchester City Basketball Club 3rds who had previously been well beaten down at the University Sports hall.

The Warriors were missing their 2 starting guards so bought in 2 new signings Grant Smith, who has been away from the game for 2 years, and Ged Luksas who has just signed from the Dorset Storm Barracudas.

The Warriors started the game strongly opening up a 12-5 lead 5 minutes into the game and managed to maintain the 7 point advantage until the 8th minute of the quarter when the Knights went on a 6-0 run to cut the margin back to 1 at 18-17. Luksas however scored the last 4 points of the quarter to put the Warriors back in control leading 22-17 after 1 quarter.

The first 5 minutes of the quarter saw the Warriors only score 1 point while the Knights scored 11 of their own to open up a 23-28 lead, this stretched to 28-35 at half time as the Knights looked to have taken control of the game.

The Warriors team played some great defence in the 3rd quarter especially Dan Wiltshire who hustled whoever he was matched against into mistakes that Grant Smith and Ged Luksas, who shared all the Warriors points in the 3rd quarter, could take advantage of. The Warriors closed the quarter down by 1 at 44-45.

The Warriors shared around the first 9 points of the 4th quarter to forge into a 53-45 lead with 7 minutes to play. Baskets were traded until the 8th minute when a 5-0 Knights run pulled them to within 3 of the Warriors, thanks largely to former Winchester Wizards player Adam Gillies. The Knights kept up their pressure and pulled level on an Adam Gillies basket tying the scores at 66 with 1 minute to play. The next offence saw Gillies fouled and sent to line where he missed both free throws. With 10 seconds on the clock Elvijs Ungurs was fouled while going to the basket, unfortunately for the Warriors he missed both and the game went to Over Time.

The Warriors dominated the extra period thanks largely to Luksas who scored 9 of the Warriors 13 during the 5 minute period. This has bought him the clubs single game scoring record overtaking Jon Neales 38 point performance back in 2008. A 3 pointer to end the game, by the Knights Craig Sharland, had no effect on the final outcome as the Warriors moved to 2nd in Division 4 going into the Christmas break. Final Score Warriors 79-76 Knights.

Scorers: Ged Luksas 45, Grant Smith 14, Dean Carey 10, Elvijs Ungurs 7, Jack Mcfaddon 2, Edward Lao 1, Also played Dan Wiltshire, Rob Deyzel, Roger Kemp, Mike Castle & Jake Ratcliffe.

Warriors win a thriller in the Forest

The Winchester Warriors team play brought them through in the end against the New Forest Blackhawks in this Solent League division 4 clash, by a score of 70-73 at Brockenhurst College.

In the first quarter saw the Warriors share their 18 points around whereas the Blackhawks relied on the scoring of Rob Bawden who scored 11 of their 17 first quarter points.

The second quarter was a scrappy affair with neither team able to get any offence going. The final 6 minutes of the quarter only saw 6 points scored with the Warriors scoring 4 of them to take them into a 26-28 half time lead.

The Blackhawks took control of the game in the first 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter, 2 three pointers from Bowden gave the Blackhawks their biggest lead at 45-35 with 5 minutes left to play in the quarter. The Warriors then turned the ball over again, Bowden appeared to have an easy layup, then out of no where Elvijs Ungurs flew across to pin the layup attempt half way up the back board leaving the already celebrating Blackhawks stunned. This play ignited the Warriors bringing their offence to life. They went inside again to their big men, Ungurs and the returning Dean Carey who scored 15 between them in a 19-6 run to put the Winchester 3rds back in front 54-51 to end the quarter.

With most of the Blackhawks tiring by the 4th quarter it was down to their danger man Bowden to keep them in the game. He didn’t disappoint scoring 15 in the quarter including 3 long range 3 pointers whilst under pressure. The Warriors remained calm however and continued to work the ball inside for Elvijs, Jake Ratcliffe and Roger Kemp. The Warriors superior inside play opened a 71-65 lead with 2 minutes remaining, however the final 3 by Bowden and a jump shot by O’Brien bought the Blackhawks back to within 1 point with 50 seconds remaining in the game

After a miss by each team, the Warriors came out of a time out and moved the ball around nicely to find an open Dean Carey who hit the jump shot to win the game for the Warriors 73-70 and move them to 2 wins and 2 losses in Solent League division 4.

Scorers: Elvijs Ungurs 32, Dean Carey 13, Adam Jenkins 11, Sam James 7, Jake Ratcliffe 4, Edward Lao 4, Roger Kemp 3, Jack Mcfaddon 1, also played Matt Symmonds, Dan Wiltshire & Mike Castle.

Warriors show some fight

The Warriors put out a better effort in the second half against the Southsiders. Youngsters Dan Wiltshire and Jake Ratcliffe got good minutes for the inexperienced Warriors team.and repayed their coaches faith with some good defence and 15 points between them. The movement and passing improved in the second half as well, however the defence still let the Southsiders through for too many easy baskets. Quarter scores 28-12, 48-18, 77-32, Final Score 99-47 to the Southsiders.

Scorers Rob Deyzel 11, Rich Styants 10, Dan Wiltshire 9, Jake Ratcliffe 6, Mike Castle 5, Matt Symmonds 4, Jack Mcfaddon 2, also played Max Amey & Roger Kemp. Free Throws 6/16 - Styants 4/6, Wiltshire 1/2, Castle 1/3, Ratcliffe 0/5.

Warriors feel Badgers bite.

The Winchester Warriors travelled to face the Southampton Uni Badgers Sunday for a Division 3 Solent Basketball Game. The Warriors started their season well, winning their first game, however the second would prove more difficult. The Badgers using quick ball movement, athleticism, and endurance ran away with the game, putting the Warriors into a hole too deep to climb out of. The Winchester side fought hard in the 4th quarter to get back in the game, but the damage was done and the Warriors found their selves on the losing side of a 68-56 score.

On a positive note Perran Hutton scored a club season high 35 points to keep the Warriors in the game.

Scorers: Perran Hutton 35, Elvijs Ungurs 12, Adam Jenkins 5, Max Amey 3, Mike Castle 1, David Senart, Rob Deyzel, Dan Wiltshire, Dion Tsouramanis & Sam James did not score.

Blackhawks Downed (where did I see that headline before?)

The Winchester Warriors suppier defence and interior scoring saw them past the New Forest Blackhawks in their opening match in the Solent League division 4.

The Warriors and the Blackhawks started the game hot both hitting their first 2 shots of the game including a 3 pointer from Jack Mcfaddon to give the Warriors a 5-4 lead. The Warriors then went on a 6-0 run, all scored by Elvijs Ungurs to put them up 11-4 5 minutes into the game. The Blackhawks outstanding player T.Bawden (who seemed to be known to his team as Rob), then realed off 8 straight points to put the Blackhawks up 11-12. With less than 6 seconds on the clock Max Amey restored the Warriors lead with a drive to the basket.

The 2nd quarter belonged to the Warriors as they shared the points around outscoring the Blackhawks 20-11 over the 10 minutes. This included holding the Blackhawks scoreless during a 6 minute spell while the Warriors scored 12 of their own including a beautiful drive and finger roll by Edward Lao. The Warriors went into the break leading 33-23.

A 6-2 start to the 3rd put the Blackhawks into a deeper hole, however the Warriors stopped taking the ball inside and only managed 2 more points in the quarter. The Blackhawks clawed their way back into the game to trail just 41-36 after 3 quarters.

The Warriors took coach Tom Smiths advice and started to get the ball inside again scoring all their early points in the fourth quarter on drives and layups. This included a steal and layup by 15 year old Dan Wiltshire making the step up from the juniors to the mens teams. With Perran Hutton scoring 10 points in the quarter the Warriors ran away with the game 62-46 to make it a great start for the new team.

Scorers: Perran Hutton 18, Elvijs Ungurs 17, Max Amey 9, Rob Deyzel 6, Edward Lao 4, Adam Jenkins 3, Jack Mcfaddon 3, Dan Wiltshire 2, Roger Kemp 0, Jake Ratcliffe 0, Mike Castle 0, David Senart 0. Free Throws 6/17(35.3%!!!), Blackhawks FT's 4/9.

Warriors All time leading scorers to end of 2010-11 season (starting 08-09)

PosNameTeamGames PlayedPointsAverage
1Ian HannahWarriors1524916.6
2Grant SmithWarriors1623214.5
3Elvijs UngursWarriors1317513.5
4Toby WhiteWarriors151499.9
5Pete LeonardWarriors13977.5
6Adam HollandWarriors13937.2
7Craig SharlandWarriors11898.1
8Dean CareyWarriors10808.0
9Dan MyersWarriors9728.0
10Michal GyepesWarriors8688.5
11Adam GilliesWarriors66110.2
12Rob EWarriors13594.5
13Perran HuttonWarriors25326.5
14Adam JenkinsWarriors6518.5
15Rich StyantsWarriors9495.4
16Ged LuksasWarriors14545.0
17Ben CoxWarriors33812.7
18Jake RatcliffeWarriors13372.8
19Mark BernhardtWarriors4328.0
20Rob DeyzelWarriors5275.4
21Roger KempWarriors12191.6
22Dan WiltshireWarriors9182.0
23Mike CastleWarriors10181.8
24Guy WilcoxWarriors4174.3
25Mark LewisWarriors11414.0
26Jack McFaddonWarriors10141.4
27Max AmeyWarriors3124.0
28David SenartWarriors7101.4
29Edward LaoWarriors393.0
30Ryan BainWarriors188.0
31Mat ColemanWarriors661.0
32Rick BrookesWarriors155.0
33Matt SymondsWarriors441.0
34Glen ModayWarriors221.0
35Dion TsourmanisWarriors100









The Winchester Panthers


Panthers are a friendly bunch of ladies and girls from Winchester, Southampton and Basingstoke. We range in age from 16 years old to players in their 40s and are always looking for new members who are keen to play basketball.

If you haven’t played for a while and want to get back into basketball then please get in touch with us, we are a friendly team who love to chat!

If you are a parent and your daughter is playing basketball at school but would like to gain some more experience playing at club level then we are also keen to develop and encourage as many young girls as possible to continue to play basketball especially once they have left school.

We play games in the Wessex basketball league playing teams in Reading, Woking and Basingstoke. Playing in matches is something that we encourage but don’t demand of our players, if you just want to train every week then we’d still love to see you.

We train every Thursday at Kings school in Winchester from 8:00-10:00pm. If you would like to have a chat to us about joining the Club or coming along to a training session then please either email Jill or Debi who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We organise social events throughout the year which is a great opportunity to make some new friends.

Get in touch if you’re interested!

2011-12 Game reports

Panthers pounce on Wildcats

The Panthers advanced to the second round of the Wessex Cup with an impressive 82-36 win away to division 2 side Woodley Wildcats. Missing several players through injury and work committments the ladies got their biggest win in the teams history! Scorers: Nadine Dudley 24, Lara Hooper 18, Emma Shore 10, Debbie Beard 9, Feya Herival 8, Claire Hart 6, Jill Palmer 6.


2010-11 Panthers Game reports

Panthers are Wessex Plate Champions!!!




Winchester Panthers completed their unbeaten run in the Wessex Plate competition to clinch victory over Swindon Sonics in the final on Sunday. Panthers headed into the game on the back of some excellent performances which saw the Winchester-based team finish fourth in the Wessex first division in their first season.

The final got off to a slow start, and was two minutes in before Nadine Dudley scored the opening basket for Panthers. Swindon began the game with a full court press, but were unable to prevent Panthers from controlling the game as Becky Attwood put six points on the board to help Panthers to a 15 point to 9 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Swindon headed into the second quarter with confidence but it wasn’t long before Panthers fitness and speed began to open up their defence with Lara Hooper and Emma Shore scoring on the fast break. Panthers’ zone defence forced Swindon into shots from outside the key resulting in the Wiltshire-based team only scoring 12 points in the quarter. Panthers headed into the third quarter firmly in control and with a 15 point lead.

The third quarter saw Swindon make a comeback as Winchester were unable to score some open baskets. Swindon found their outside shooting range and were able to find gaps in the Panthers’ zone which allowed the Sonics to claw back the deficit and end the quarter only six points behind the Winchester-based team.

The fourth quarter saw both teams trading baskets before Swindon went on a six point unanswered run to bring them within one point of Panthers. Julia Tucker-Blackford scored a vital basket for Winchester to extend their lead to three points but with a minute left to play Panthers dug deep and forced Swindon to regret getting into team foul trouble early in the fourth quarter. Swindon fouled four times in the last minute, Attwood and Dudley headed to the free throw line with the opportunity to take the game beyond Swindon’s reach. Scoring two out of the six points on offer, it was a nervy end to an exciting final but Winchester Panthers took the title with a final score of 65 points to 60.

Winchester Panthers: Becky Attwood 14, Julia Tucker-Blackford 10, Lara Hooper 10, Claire Hart 9, Nadine Dudley 9, Emma Shore 8, Rosie James 4, Freya Herivel 1, Steph Herman, Jill Palmer.

Winchester Panthers win first ever game

The Panthers got their first ever season off to a fantastic winning start by beating the Wokingham Blackhawks 56 - 43 in the Wessex Ladies League.

It was the Panthers' first ever competitive game after forming during the off season and the whole team showed a fighting team spirit that is sure to come in handy during the rest of the season.

The first quarter provided some crisp passing moves from the Panthers which saw Nadine Dudley picking up 11 points of the 17 scored in the quarter.

The second quarter was a tougher test for the Panthers with the Blackhawks coming back into the game. Panthers had to dig deep and stop the inside drives from the Blackhawks' taller forwards. At half time Panthers led 32 - 23.

The Blackhawks' spirited display in the second quarter gave them the inspiration to get a bigger foothold in the game but there was no let up from the Panthers. With a change of defence from Coach Jill Palmer during the third quarter, the Panthers met the second half with a more determined outlook to seal a win in their first game.

The Blackhawks could not match the Panthers tough defence and a patient offence. With Nadine providing strong post moves inside the paint and Rosie Chase, Emma Shore and Debi Beard securing points with good outside shots, the Panthers ended the game strongly with the Blackhawks only scoring ten points in the last quarter.

During the whole game the Panthers showed a desire to want to push the ball down the court and take the game to their opponent. It was encouraging to see everyone putting in a long shift of defence when the ball was with the opposition and everyone leaving the game wanting the next one to begin.

Scorers: Nadine Dudley 27, Rosie Chase 10, Becky Attwood 9, Emma Shore 5, Freya Herivel 3, Debi Beard 2

Panthers power sees Arrows fall short

The Panthers made it 2 wins from 2 games this season with an impressive display against Aldworth Arrows in the Wessex Ladies League.

Panthers came out for the start of the game with a focused and determined attitude which translated on court throughout the whole game.

The first quarter was played at a fast pace which Arrows just couldn't handle. Rosie Chase grabbed countless rebounds which were converted into a number of fast break points enabling Panthers to secure a 13 - 6 lead going into the second quarter.

The second quarter saw Steph Herman pick up her first points of the season with a well taken jump shot and Claire Hart and Tracey McCurtin completing strong moves inside the paint.

By half time Panthers were up 32 - 15 and Arrows didn't have an answer to the Panthers' strong and diciplined zone defence and crisp passing offence.

Tensions ran high throughout the second half as Arrows got more frustrated with how Panthers contained any change in their play and answered any run of points with points of their own.

Panthers dug deep and countered anything the Arrows had to throw at them despite not putting as many points on the board.

Arrows tried to pull back some points in the last quarter but Panthers stood strong and with Claire Hart scoring half of the points scored in the fourth quarter there was no comeback for the Basingstoke side.

Panthers won the game 56 - 30 with a real team effort and everyone getting on the score sheet.

Scorers: Becky Attwood 10, Rosie Chase 9, Claire Hart 9, Nadine Dudley 9, Tracey McCurtin 7, Steph Herman 6, Freya Herivel 2, Emma Shore 2, Rosie James 2.

Panthers make the cut

The Winchester Panthers ended the first half of the season with an impressive and resilient home win against the Aztec Storm in the Wessex Women’s Basketball League.

The Panthers had to dig deep throughout the whole game and eventually won after five minutes of overtime.

The game started at a fast pace with both Becky Attwood and Nadine Dudley being fouled in the paint, but neither player could make their free throws.

It was end to end and the deadlock was broken with a Panthers fast break. Aztec Storm came out of the blocks with a man defence but Panthers dealt with the pressure well, using their pass and move offensive play which helped them end the quarter 12-4 in front.

The second quarter continued with Aztec sticking with their man to man defence and they got a couple of baskets back but a three pointer from Laura Tongerleii meant Panthers had a good lead.

A string of four well taken baskets from Becky, Claire Hart (2) and Lara Hooper without a reply from Aztec meant the half truly belonged to Panthers going into the break.

The third quarter saw the Aztec Strom change their defence into a zone which worked well for them.  Panthers found it difficult to get any flow to their offensive play, but managed to get key baskets from Nadine, Claire and Becky however they ended up losing the quarter 9-15.

The final quarter saw Aztec Storm get a stronger foothold in the game but a determined, solid and resilient Panthers defence stopped the Storm from getting any fluidity to their game throughout the majority of the quarter.

In the final two minutes Aztec scored two free throws and three jump shots to take a two point lead. With time for one offence left Panthers kept the ball well and got a shot away but it missed, however a strong rebound and follow up shot from Lara which sunk in the dying seconds pushed the game into overtime.

Panthers are no stranger to overtime, they beat Woodley Wildcats in overtime earlier in the season. They started well with solid defence turning into two fast breaks and an ‘and one’ from Nadine. Aztec were stunned and couldn’t recover. They managed to score two free throws and a lay-up but it wasn’t enough. A nice jumper from Emma in the last minute secured a five-point win for Panthers.

The result meant Panthers finished fifth in the league and will play in the top half of the league after Christmas when the league is split into two halves.

Becky Attwood – 16, Nadine Dudley – 13, Emma Shore – 8, Claire Hart – 6, Lara Hooper – 4, Jill Palmer – 4, Freyer Harviel – 4, Laura Tongerelli - 3

Panthers win OT thriller against Chiltern

The Panthers had played Chiltern away only two weeks prior to their latest clash, and narrowly missed out on a win by seven points. Looking for a win to take them to the middle of the table, Rosie James opened the scoring for Panthers after a slow start. Chiltern were quick to respond, but neither team could put away their chances under the basket and headed into the second quarter with a score of only 10-8 to Chiltern.

The second quarter saw Chiltern edge away from Panthers, a number of turnovers converting into fast breaks for the side but Winchester’s Julia Tucker-Blackford kept them in touch scoring six of the Panther’s eight points in the quarter. Heading into half time, the game was still within Winchester’s reach with the score at 24 points to 16. 

The game came to life in the third quarter with the Panther’s man defence working hard to stop Chiltern from extending their lead. Excellent drives to the basket from Nadine Dudley saw her collect 10 points in the quarter, while excellent defence from Freya Herivel prevented Chiltern from gaining easy baskets. Chiltern were quick to respond to the change in tempo and extended their lead to 12 points before Panther’s went on a five point unbeaten run, allowing them to stay in touch with the Buckinghamshire-based side.

Panthers used their speed to upset Chiltern in the fourth quarter, splitting open their defence with some fast counter-attacking and some excellent outside shooting from Emma Shore. Chiltern’s defence started to wane and Panther’s were able to get Dudley under the basket for some strong inside shots. Chiltern continued to score at a slower pace and were undone by Panthers last minute surge of eight unanswered points to draw the game level at 57 points apiece and take the game to extra time. 

This was the third time this season that Panther’s have taken a game to extra time, both previous occasions resulting in wins for the Winchester-based side, so expectations were high that they could steal the win. Panthers took an early lead through James but Chiltern responded after Panthers fouled and sent two Chiltern players to the line for free throws. With Winchester down by one point, Dudley scored only for Chiltern to respond and keep the Panthers one point behind. Some excellent passing to Dudley inside the key saw her fouled in the act of shooting and she headed to the free throw line with the opportunity to put Panthers in the lead. Putting both shots into the basket, the balance was now back in Winchester’s favour with less than a minute to go.

Chiltern were fouled in the act of shooting and headed to the line for two free throws. Unable to put away the first, the second was successful and saw both teams locked on 63 points. Panther’s Coach Jill Palmer called a time out and Winchester used the last 23 seconds of the game to try and snatch the win. An inside pass to Dudley gave her the opportunity to put the ball away, but the shot bounced off the rim. Herivel grabbed the rebound and went up strong to put the ball into the basket with eight seconds left. Panthers pressed hard preventing Chiltern from getting the ball down to the other end to score and the Winchester Panthers came out winners by two points, 65 points to 63.

Team & Scorers: Nadine Dudley 26, Rosie James 12, Julia Tucker-Blackford 12, Emma Shore 6, Claire Hart 5, Freya Herivel 4, Jill Palmer, Steph Herman.

Winchester City Royals