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Published 4 Apr 17



5 Apr 17 - Solent Womens Cup - Winchester City Royals 38   Team Solent Kestrels 57

Fixtures for the Solent League Cup were released quite late this season, with Royals first set to play Southampton Uni Sharks. The Royals were looking for the win as their encounters with Sharks this season have gone in their favour however, the Sharks couldn’t field a team. Solent Kestrels were very lucky to get a bye straight to the semi-finals, with the Royals then joining them for what would inevitably be a tough game. Baskets came very quickly for Solent thanks to National League forward, Earleesha Jackson. Royals did not set out strong defensively and struggled to find their stride in the first quarter, only scoring 2 points to Solent’s 18. Royals have struggled all season to put points on the board. The second quarter saw Abby Buchanen and Martina Mannozzi find the basket for Royals, but both also missed a free-throw apiece. Solent continued to attack the basket but Royals did a far better job, both on offence and defence. Despite trailing, the Royals certainly were not finished and came out after the half time break with more patience on offence and aggression on defence. With both teams on Team Fouls by the end of the quarter and some questionable calls from one of the officials, Solent’s Lynne Henderson-Lee penalised Royals from the free-throw line. Sadly, the Royals missed their free-throws, an unfortunate pattern for the team this season. However, Mannozzi did score her first of two 3-point shots to cushion the blow. Points also came from Buchanen, Kelly-Anne and Hannah meaning the final score for the third quarter was 12-18 to Royals! Tensions were running high as the fouls kept coming in the fourth quarter. Mannozzi scored one of two free-throws and Claire Hart added to the score board too. Two 3-pointers from Kestrels gave them an advantage, though in the dying seconds of the game, Mannozzi answered with one of her own. Defensively the ladies were strong but yet again this season, Royals distinct lack of baskets was their downfall. Though the Royals kept Kestrels to one of their lowest scores all season, the Solent team made the final with a score of 57-38.



30 Mar 17 - Solent Ladies Div 1 - Winchester City Royals 74

                                   Portsmouth City Lady Smugglers 53 


Straining to keep their place at the top of the Solent League, Royals were grateful for yet another full bench of experienced players. It was also great to see junior Abby Buchanen on the team sheet. Points came thick and fast for the Royals from the start, with Hannah Wallis and Martina Mannozzi contributing 13 of the 21 points scored. Smugglers were not shy with the ball either and Royals initially struggled to contain Z.Syed and Kiely Reed. Both of these two Smugglers players performed well in the second quarter and despite a 9 point run from Martina, Smugglers won the quarter 11-12. Still, Royals were up at the half 32-27. In the second half of the game, Kiely Reed scored the majority of Smugglers’ points but it did not phase Royals. With Abby Buchanen getting herself well and truly on the score sheet, along with other points coming from the rest of the Royals bench, the score board stayed in Royals' favour. Royals need to work on their percentage from the free-throw line if they want to take advantage of fouls against them in future. Despite this, they ended the game 74-53. This means that Royals sit just 2 points clear at the top of the Solent league table.

23 Mar 17 - Solent Ladies Div 1 - Winchester City Royals 64    Dorset Dragons 28

Following a few games where the Royals enlisted in help from junior players to bulk out their bench, it was nice to see the ladies start out very strong with some more familiar faces on the team sheet. Forward Martina Mannozzi kicked off the scoring in the 1st quarter and went onto score 7 of the team's 17 points. Early points also came from Kelly-Anne Harrison, Lena Zimpel and Becky Attwood. The Royals’ defence kept Dorset Dragons at bay, only allowing 8 points past them. Royals' foot came off the pedal in the 2nd quarter and despite some missed free-throws, the ladies were still ahead of the Dragons at the half time break (25-14). In the third quarter Royals kept up their momentum and saw Kate Arrandale get onto the score sheet. Points also came from Kelly-Anne, Martina, Lena and Becky, to a total of 15 against Dragons’ 10 points. However, it was the last quarter of the game that saw Royals really break away and finish the job. Dragons fouled a lot and so Martina and Kelly-Anne punished them from the free-throw line. Final score was 64-28, a victory for the Royals. Top 3 point scorers were Martina Mannozzi (20), Becky Atwood (14) and Kelly-Anne Harrison (12). Points also came from Lena Zimpel, Hannah Wallis, Severine Evans and Kate Arrandale.


15 Mar 17 - Solent Ladies Div 1 - Winchester City Royals 45    Solent Kestrels II 62

The Royals ladies came into the game trying to reverse a slight slump in form but also had a number of injuries to deal with.  The ladies started the game with good energy but struggled to make any shots. Kestrels, conversely, made a good percentage of their shots and soon opened up a 12 point lead midway through the first quarter.  

With a limited roster the lady Royals couldn't play any high pressure defence and consequently whenever they started to reduce the deficit the Kestrels got easy shots to maintain their advantage.

Kestrels maintained their 12 point advantage into half time.  Into the 3rd period tiredness started to show with the Royals, and although still fighting they knew the game was up.

Kestrels stretched the lead slightly during the 4th quarter to end up winning 62 - 45.

The Royals ladies are still at the top of the league - but now with a much reduced advantage


8 Mar 17 - Solent Ladies Div 1 - South Coast Tigers 78    Winchester City Royals 45

The ladies played table toppers, South Coast Tigers,  in the Solent league on Friday night. Knowing from the home fixture that it would be a tough game, the ladies were unfortunately going into the battle with only 6 players. The ladies went out quite organised and ready following a fast paced warm up however, the Tigers proved too much for them offensively and took control of the score board in the first quarter. Still, the Royals went on undeterred and battled in the second quarter in an attempt to close the gap. Things took a turn for the worst in the third with Natalie Smyth on 4 fouls and a muscle injury to Clare Hart left the Royals with only 5 players for the remainder of the game. A couple of made three point shots from Smyth and Forward Martina Mannozzi helped cushion the blow of the loss, as well as some great fast breaks. Defensively, the ladies battled until the end with great hustling under the hoop from Freya Herivel. Points also came from Lena Zimpel and Hannah Wallis. Sadly though the Royals' effort wasn't enough and Tigers took the win in what turned out to be a very physical battle. Final score 78-45 to Tigers. The Royals now sit 2nd to Tigers in the Solent league, purely by goal difference. 

Published 8 Mar 17

In sport, the start of a new season is a time to recruit new players to strengthen the team, to embrace the anticipation of what challenges may arise and to display determination to be the best you can be. 
For Winchester City Royals Ladies basketball team, the 2016-2017 season is the start of something new. Two very successful teams, Winchester Diamonds and Winchester 
, have merged their talents and joined the family of the Winchester City Royals club. 
This new and improved ladies team are playing in both the Solent and Wessex leagues, with 
a roster consisting of a dynamic range of players. What does every new team desire? A 
brand new kit! Luckily for the Royals Ladies, Paul Wallis of Hantec Systems Limited was only too pleased to sponsor the team, resulting in both new home and away kits. Decorated in yellow and blue on their home court of Kings School and white and blue when on the road, the team really appreciate this generosity and support, having gone onto purchase warm-up t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, arriving to games looking professional and united. With two experienced coaches, Paul Philp and Iain Warner, at the helm, the ladies’ ship set sail to a flying start this season.

They are currently sitting at the top of the Solent Area league table and having battled to the final of the Richard Bell Plate, played  on Sunday 29th January, won comfortably with a resounding victory 49 – 14 over the Yateley Silverbacks .
Winchester City Royals Ladies are certainly improving their skills week on week, enhancing 
their execution of plays and hope to protect their position in the league tables for the rest of this season.

The team are very grateful to Hantec Systems Limited for their sponsorship.



Published 24 Feb 17

The Ladies team played league leaders, Aldworth Arrows, in the Wessex Ladies Div 1 on Thu 23 Feb 17. The Royals ladies were short on numbers due to illness, injury and holidays so new they were in for a tough evening.  Neither team could get much going in the 1st quarter which ended with the Arrows narrowly ahead 10-7.  To counter the Arrows height advantage inside the Royals had to defend aggresively and consequently picked up more fouls than they could afford - consequently the defensive intensity had to drop and the Arrows took advantage of that.  The Royals had opportunities to peg the score back and managed to stay in touch through the 3rd quarter.  The final quarter saw the Royals push hard to close the gap - which they did - but the Arrows had the fresher legs and managed stay far enough ahead into the final minutes.  The Royals fought valiantly until the end to narrow the gap leaving the final score 40-34 to Aldworth Arrows.



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